Dental scenarios

We combine our extensive experience in the dental industry with professional skills in creating highly diverse visual content.

From high-quality photographic and video reports on various cases to multifaceted conceptual image films for dentists and dental technicians.

Our unorthodox creative approach allows trend content to be created, which is changing the dental industry as a whole.

It is our belief that your works of high aesthetic value require equally brilliant presentation at the very least to demonstrate and enhance all the finest details.

Striving for self-perfection as a professional as well as for faultless results in anything one does is an important aspect of our philosophy.

This wealth of knowledge allows us to conduct dental courses of various specialisations for professionals at any level.
Olaf Iowa
Professional photographer, videographer and dental technician.

Completed education and internship in Germany and currently lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

He can create targeted content of any degree of complexity by combining the dental industry with working as photographer and videographer.

• Laboratory: Iowadent, Tervisemaja Hambalabor
• Production: Iowascene
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